As the world shifts and changes, remember who and what you truly are.  Focus on your reason for being on the earth and what you were sent to do here and now.  There is a lot of noise that is deflecting your attention and focus.  Bring your focus back to where you need it to be.  Each of you has some form of energy catalyst. We have spoken of this before.  When you invoke this catalyst energy into what you wish to create, you will find you are able to create much easier and much more fluidly.  There is no generic catalyst for us to give you in this work.  You must each find what that is for yourself.  Then use that energy to manifest.  You might create a list of what you want to create and use your catalyst energy in that list of creation.  Pay attention to how things change for you.  The old ways of creating will no longer work for any of you.  You must learn to create without manipulation and forcing your will on others.  Many of you are used to praying to God or some other being to help you manifest and this will no longer be effective for you.  You each hold creation power which comes to light, once you understand what you truly are and what your catalyst energy is.  You can meditate on what your catalyst energy is and how to work with it.  You can also meditate on what you are in your base energy.  

The Light Bringer