Mankind thinks of all things as good or evil, light or dark and them versus us.  All creations are connected to your thoughts, words and deeds.  You each make choices and you are constantly creating through your choices.  We have spoken of the need for alignment but many of you choose to not be in alignment.  It is part of your free will.  You each choose how you create.  You are not the color of your skin, your religions, your sexual identity.  Those are only part of you.  Look at what is within you.  Look at your decisions and choices.  You can make your choices.  You decide who you are and what you will be.  You have certain energies programmed within you.  You can make different choices.  All of this is up to you.  The shell is only a means to help you move through this plane of existence and to help you with some chosen experiences.  Allow your true essence to come through you!  You can move beyond the appearances.  Don’t allow others to decide for you.  Bring your creating aspects into the conscious thought process.

The Light