While we are in a place of lock down and being forced to be more isolated, this is a good time to work on your intuition.  Step away from the noise around you.  Start tuning in and opening to your senses more deeply.  If you shut off all of the fear and noise, it will be easier to pay attention to what is truly taking place and know what your part is in all of this.  Many were meant to leave the earth plane and go into a different existence now.  The earth is refiguring its energy grid.  Don’t get wrapped up in how things appear.  Release fear and struggle!  Open to how you may be of service.  Spend time on your own shifts, changes and transitions and see where you need to be and go from here.  There is no normal or absolutes.  There are many permutations.  Find what is your journey.  Be authentic.  Release: “ but it has to be this way” thoughts.  Something very different is forming and it will be beneficial to stop fighting what is and look at how you can be authentic and stay in your power during this time of change.  Those meant to stay will stay and those meant to leave will leave.  Souls choose how they come and go.  If you feel lost, always go back to love and compassion.  Fear is just part of the noise that distracts.  Find your core sense of peace and open to your intuitive guidance.  That will help you for what is forming and happening here and now and in the future.

The Light Bringer