Pay attention!  Transition is upon you.  During transition those who hold onto the old ways of fear will become more unstable and more violent.  Detach from this as much as you can.  Those of light, focus on light and heading towards the light.  If you are of a different energy from light, focus on that energy and head towards that energy.  One energy is not better than another.  It is about you being authentic and moving towards your direction.  Ask who is meant to join you now and get in the habit of inviting them in to join you.  Don’t get caught up in how things look.  Don’t try and take people with you.  Each being will follow the path right for them and they will have what belongs with them.  Transition can feel scary.  You are not alone.  There will always be someone or something to join you.  Don’t assign who or what joins you.  Allow the appropriate energy to join you.  Breathe!  You will get through this.

The Light Keeper