This is a difficult time on the planet for those who are sensitive.  You are dealing with the fear of Coronavirus 19 and now the U.S. is dealing with the fallout of the racism that is rearing its head in large parts of the United States.  The energy is not in what you are seeing and experiencing right now.  It is all distraction energy for those who are light workers or here to do some other work on the planet.  Yes, they are real experiences but they are distracting you from your life missions.  There are messages within the various experiences.  You are seeing the importance of taking care of the planet and environment.  You are also seeing the importance of loving all of your brothers and sisters no matter their races, religions and backgrounds.  The noise of hate is a lower vibration.  Your love is the higher vibration.

The way you deal with this is to focus on your energy.  Separate from the fear and open to the love.  Be the light instead of the dark.  What each of you create is up to you.  If you wish peace, be peace.  If you wish love, be love!  If you wish light, be light.  Help where you can.  Know where you belong and be there.  The tide of transition and transformation is upon you.  Things are accelerating.  

The Light King