This is a good time for each of you to go back to your foundation and true energy. Release all of the layers of fear and control that others have tried to ingrain within you.  Instead of showing up places because you are expected by others to be somewhere, tune in and see where you really need to be and when you need to be there.  This doesn’t mean that you tell people you will do something and then don’t show up because you don’t feel like it.  Integrity and honor are important.  It means that you tune in before you say yes to something to see if that is where you belong.  This is a good time to re-evaluate what work you are doing and what work you need to do.  Allow your true energy to reawaken and expand.  Those leaving this realm will be accelerating and souls will be sent where they need to be.  It is good to separate from the fear.  It is vital that you pay attention to the intuitive guidance you receive directly. Don’t negotiate with what you are being guided to do.  If you ask for information, pay attention to what you receive.  You can ask for clarity.  Pay attention to how it feels and to all of your senses for helping you with what is coming through.

The Light Giver