Words and thoughts become things!  Focus creates!  We have had a lot of noise deflecting our focus and our thoughts.  It has added to people being stressed and going into a belief in lack and fear.  It is time to take back your power.  Start looking for the energy that feels good to you.  Detach from the noise that is around you.  Find your center and bring your focus to what you want to create and bring into your life.  You can do this while still holding awareness to other things going on in the world.  COVID is still in the world right now and it can affect your physical body and those around you.  So, we are not telling you to pretend it isn’t on your plane of existence. You can focus on getting better treatments and immunity from getting the virus, while you are doing things to keep yourself safe.  The world needs positive thoughts and energy.  We need to find ways to be more loving and kind with each other.  Find what is right for you and allow others to do the same thing.  As you each move into your power, you will be able to create more clearly.  All energy shifts start through thought!

The Light