When you hold onto your stories, you block or convolute the flow of energy.  When you hold agendas, you block potentials.  Anything that is rigid cannot bend or it bends very little before breaking.  Openness in energy allows your energy to expand and shine.  It allows you to expand and contract as you need to.  You will still accomplish what needs to be accomplished and you can still manifest your dreams and desires.  The people who belong with you in your creation process will appear for as long as they need to be with you.  Agendas are used because people think they know the steps to create but there might be something different that forms from your ideas that might be much better and more in alignment.  Start with an idea but allow the energy to form.  Create without forcing the creation.  Be in the energetic flow and amazing things will happen. 

Your earth plane is changing in a huge way.  The changes will accelerate.  The way things worked in your society will no longer continue to work.  Treat all with love and respect and allow them to follow their journey.  You are not all headed in the same direction and you are not all meant to be with each other in the form of a collective.  The earth plane was set up as an experiment where each soul could experience and try things out.  Your energies often collide but if you stay aligned with your source energy, you will be able to flow with the energies around you and within you.  All experiences hold potential.  Not all experiences are for you to hold onto.

The Light King