In a world where you see those of ego and greed creating damage to those who value freedom, true justice and fair play, it is easy to go into fear and anger.  The ego energy is trying to hold onto control and power.  This only works when people are apathetic or give their power over to someone else.  When each of you step into your power, your world will be quite different.  Stop expecting others to know what is best for you.  No one can truly represent you.  Step into your power and create authentically.  You can’t interfere with Free Will of others.  You can focus on creating from love instead of fear.  You can focus on creating from your power place.  Look at what you are in control of and follow that energy.  Rebuild on a foundation of love.

In the USA there is an election process under way.  It is important that all legal voters vote.  Don’t assume your vote doesn’t matter.  Many died or put their lives in peril so that you would have the right to vote.  Don’t absolve yourself from this civic responsibility.  It is a way of peacefully showing what is important to you.  This is a time where the future of your country is in danger.  Your world is changing quickly now.  Take each step as it comes.  You may not control others but you do control yourself.

The Light