Many of you are feeling overwhelmed by the fear energy that is permeating the earth right now.  You see groups of people trying to lower the vibration of the planet by trying gain control and dominate others or to say it is not allowed for anyone to dissent.  This cycle has played over and over again in the history of your earth.  Many light workers have relinquished their power and left the earth plane as a result of this cycle.  You are currently seeing this same cycle play out.  The difference is that now, we would ask you to stay in your power.  Stay away from those of fear, as much as you can.  Expand your power and your light.  What needs to be will be.  Those trying to lower the vibration have a vested interest in trying to maintain their control.  At this point, that control will create much violence and destruction.  Saying in your power and light will help you navigate and do your work.

The Light Giver