Peace!  We are in and around the earth to help with potential.  We see many leaders who are in a place of power only because it fills their greed and not because they seek to help their constituents.  They look at power from a place of what is in it for themselves.  They make our work difficult.  You are watching your last chance to change the fate of humanity slip by.  Anger and fear are still ruling humanity.  You look for ways to separate instead of coming together.  Mankind will destroy themselves and much life on the planet but you will not destroy the planet.  The planet you reside on, will regenerate itself and clear itself of its time with humanity.  Other life will take your place.  Those who are evolving will be reassigned to other locations, realms and dimensions that are in alignment with their soul journeys.  Some Star Beings, Angels, Light Beings and Elementals are being removed from your planet to start preparing the way for those who will join them in the new locations/realities.  You help this shift by focusing on being light or love or whatever else you intuit you need to focus on.  There is no need to fear but detach from what you think you are seeing now.  

The Federation of Star Beings and Light Beings