Each of you are being prepared for where your life is going to take you.  The energy of separation is about getting you into your true energy and allowing that energy to create authentically.  There is about to be a huge shift in the evolution of spirits on the earth plane.  Each spirit will stay or go to wherever they are needed for this next phase.  Don’t get caught up on the way things appear in your world right now.  Stop looking at things through the eyes of being human.  You are much more than what your shells are.  There is nothing to fear.  Use your intuitive guidance to help you move through this next piece.  Buy what you are guided to buy.  If you hear no to accumulating something, don’t buy it.  Stop your focus on what others are trying to divert you towards.  Step back from the fear and pressures.  Breathe deeply and come from a place of love.  You will be where you need to be and you will then be open to what you need to do in the moment.  There is much love all around you.  Share that love and focus on expanding that.  Don’t get caught up on appearances.  You are all spirits in your human shells.  Death and life are extensions of each other.  When the spirit leaves its human form, it will move into the next realm or dimension that is associated with where its next piece is.  Some spirits will come into human forms as others leave.  So, don’t get caught up in what you think you are seeing.  All will be as it needs to be.  Be where you need to be, when you need to be there.  If you need to sequester allow yourself to do so.  Open to the guidance that is there for you.  You are not alone.

The Peace Keeper