Here are two questions for you:  If I come from love, what would I do?  If I am my authentic self, what would I do?  Most of you have allowed fear to rule you.  You have allowed the fears of others to take control of your decisions.  You have allowed others to shape you.  Let go of the fear and look at everything from the eyes of love.  Tap into your authentic self and see what comes through.  Don’t manipulate what is before you.  Make your decisions from love and not fear.

See people and things for what they are.  Stop focusing on what you think you are seeing or what others tell you that you are seeing.  See what is before you.  Go into your senses and trust your senses.  Stop pretending that things before you are different from what you pick up they are.  Go back to the energy level of all that is before you and around you.  When you are clear about what you are picking up, you will know how to proceed.  You also will no longer be fooled by others.

The Light Giver