Attract what is in resonance with you.  When you manifest creations of resonance, you will find things work out and flow better.  An issue that is showing up among the earth is people who are working in dissonance.  That creates a sense of conflict.  All is energy.  You react to energy differently, which helps you create your experiences.  No matter what shows up, you can break it down to the energy level.  Be with the energy and explore it.  It is much easier to create from a place of alignment.  It also helps you find resonance.  You know if you are in resonance by the way you feel.  If you feel conflict or a sense something is off, you are in dissonance.  Resonance should feel good.  Just because something is off for you, doesn’t mean it is off for someone else.  You are creating what feels good to you.

The Light Keeper