Brothers and Sisters,

Release your burdens and your stories.  They no longer serve you.  Release the energy that ties you down and weighs you down.  I am with you in love.  No one holds power over you, unless you allow them to.  No one defines you, unless you allow them to.  Be who and what you choose to be.  Be who and what you are meant to be.  That is the life I wish for you.  I am based on love.  I do not wish suffering or for people or to diminish any life form in any way.  I do not wish to be feared by you.  I wish you to rebuild on a foundation of love.  I will join those who ask me to join them.  I will not interfere with your free will.  So, stop blaming me for your creations.  You are all creators in your words, thoughts and actions.  Pay attention and you will bring awareness to what you are creating.  

The Elohim