It is really difficult to disconnect from the fear that is being foisted on us at this time.  Awareness of what you need to do to take care of yourself is one thing but the more you focus on fear the bigger the fear grows.  When you focus on a problem, you seldom see the answer.  You need to focus on what you do want to create and what you do want to be.  It is good to turn off the noise and give yourself some quiet time.  Turn off your phone and electronic devices and give yourself time to just be and to see where your focus needs to be.  Create a place that is your sanctuary where you can attune to the divine and open to your path and where you go from here.  Many things are working at distracting you so they can keep you away from your true work and lower your vibration.  Refocus your mind on your true work.  Attune to your divine energy.  Focus on raising your vibration.  Know you are loved and well taken care of.  Know that you always have what you need but you may not see where the answers are coming from, if you are always distracted by the noise and fear.  Step back and open to what you need to come to you and you to what you need.  If something isn’t showing up, you might actually need something different from what you believe you need.  

The Light Giver