You asked us about sending saviors to your world.  There is nothing to be saved.  We send beings to help with potential shifts and changes but they are not always utilized, if mankind is not ready for them.  Life forms/spirits come into your realm because they choose to or they are sent.  Those who choose to come in do so because they desire certain experiences.  Those asked to come in are sent for various missions or we see potential for them to help with some part of the transition that will take place.  Those trapped in ego and manipulation are rarely doing high vibrational work.  They may be helping lead to a wake-up call.  They may be showing you what you are focused on creating.

You are seeing a dichotomy right now.  Fear is trying to hold onto control and trying to block evolution.  Many souls are seeking evolution right now and they will not be able to be stopped, as long as they keep rejecting fear and choose love.  You can’t bring those stuck in fear along with you, as you evolve.  Each must make their own choices.  We see no need to judge any life form for being what it is.  We value free will.  The decisions must be from each being, as to who and what they will be and how they will function.

The Light Giver