When you focus on a problem or issue, you rarely find the solution to the problem or issue.  You expand the problem or issue and you see it expand around you.  The reason is you are placing your energy on the problem or issue and you are not open to the solution revealing itself to you.  You can shift the energy by having awareness of the issue or problem but then move beyond it.  Give the energy space.  Focus love on the issue or problem.  You can’t control other people.  It never works. You need to learn to create change without manipulation.  The more of you who hold space for love, the more you will create through love.  Healing will come through love.  If you place fear, anger or hatred on something you only expand the fear, anger and hatred.  You can see that in your society right now with the Coronavirus and Black Lives Matter movement.  When you place love into the equation, you give space for something different to evolve.  Create from a foundation of love.  See if that doesn’t change your world.  Also, you need to stop thinking that what you are seeing is what is taking place.  Go back to the energy and spend time with the base energy of what is before you.  Hold that energy in love.

The Light Giver