Those who hold onto fear, anger and hatred are blocking their evolutionary growth.  They prefer to keep things where they believe they are in control.  They like the status quo and are not open to anything out of their thought process.  There is a belief that they are creating a sense of safety.  

Those who seek the path of light and love are ready to return to what they truly are.  Don’t force yourself to be what you aren’t for this.  The focus of light and love is key to removing the false facades.  It allows your true energy to surface.  Each of you must make your own choices of who and what you are going to be.  You can’t change or control others.  Find source energy within you.  Use this source energy and communicate with it.  Ask your source energy for guidance.  It is time for you to reconnect with your true power and true selves now.  You are being prepared for this shift.  Those who are focused in fear, anger and hatred will not be able to come with you.  They are creating a very different reality and journey.  Pay attention to the energy and focus that is showing up within you and you will be directed towards the path right for you now.

The Light Giver