Currently, we are watching the old energy of greed and domination take over.  How do we shift from the old energy to the new energy?

By the new energy, we suppose you mean coming from love- based creation over the fear-based creation.  The creation through fear is based on the premise that there isn’t enough or that in order for one person to have something another person can’t have something.  There is fear in giving rights to someone or a group of people because people think that means their rights will not mean anything.  In love-based creation, there is no fear.  You realize that you can just create through love. There is the knowledge that there is plenty for everyone.  You don’t need to fear the power that other people hold.  You can all just be powerful and create a life that is right for you.  There is no need to harm any life form.  All can thrive without harming the people, life forms, the environment or world.  You move into what you view as the new way by letting go of the fear of lack.  You let go of your stories of the way things are.  You open to potential.  You open to possibilities.  You allow the creation flow to work through you.  When you stop buying into the fear and lack perception, you can create magnificently.  What you refer to as the new way of creating is the way the higher realms create all of the time.  It is only man who perceives lack.  There are other forms of beings who also perceive from a place of fear and lack but it is the same for all who create that way.  Fear and domination has never been the most effective way to create.  You each have other options.  Pay attention to your intuitive minds. They will lead the way.

The Light Keeper