There is a stage on your spiritual journeys where you can’t assign who will join you.  You need to be able to step out and follow your path and trust that those who belong with you will be with you.  This can seem daunting but you will always have whatever you need.  Many Lightworkers are embarking on this stage right now.  You may be used to having community or you might be used to feeling that you don’t belong but you must step into your power now and hold onto your power.  It is yours for a reason and you must follow where your life is about to take you.  You will always have the help that you need.  Tune into your guides or open to the answers.  Pay attention to all of your senses, for many of you may be experiencing that the answers are coming to you through senses you are not used to receiving through.  You may ask for confirmation to come to you in a way that you can understand it.  You are ready for this new stage.  We send you much love and support on your work and journeys.  Breathe!  We have faith in you!

The Light Givers