What if you pull power and attention from those who are doing harm to the planet and instead focus on the people who are doing things to heal the planet?  What if you stop pretending that people who are living in fear and spreading hate are worthy of your time and energy?  Instead move your energy towards people that are loving, kind and doing something of value to help in some way.  We hold great power by where we place our focus, attention and intention.  The more focus you place on fear, the more fear grows.  The more focus you place on love, the more love grows.  The collective right now seems to be about fear and that is not going to work for what needs to take place.  Leaders who need to keep you in fear to stay in power are not worthy of your focus.  There are many who are doing great things to make something better.  They are worthy of your time and attention.  It is time to step into your power and be what you were placed on the earth to be!

The Light Bringer