We have spoken of this before.  Much of your society is built on fear.  You see people trying to stay in power using fear. You see people telling you how they will save you.  You see media using fear to get you to consume what they are presenting.  People use techniques to make something seem more intense or to scare you.  People think it is entertaining to be scared and in fear.  It taxes your bodies and energy fields.  It is time to look at what keeps you in fear and let go of those energies.  Staying in fear is not healthy.  It doesn’t empower you.  It drains your energy and energy fields.  Stop pretending that people are not what they are.  Stop making excusing for bad behavior. When someone shows you who they are believe them.  Stop rewarding those who do harm to others.  Humanity is on the brink of a major change and you can’t be in fear to make this transition.  You cannot straddle the energy.  Detach from fear.  Open to your full energy and be your powerful selves.  It is time.

The Light