Why do people end up having trouble manifesting?

Most people who have trouble manifesting are not in their power or they are not aligned.  They may be trying to create something that they think they need but, in reality, don’t need.  They might be trying to control the creation and it is not aligned.  They have a belief that someone is out there trying to punish or harm them.    The Divine energy has no desire to harm you.  There are beings of ego who seek power and control at the expense of others but they only have that power because others grant it to them or believe they are powerful and so people feed their false or corrupted power.  You won’t create anything truly wonderful through fear.  Pay attention to whether someone is trying to raise your vibration or lower it.  You get to decide who and what you will be.

If you are ready to create from alignment, detach from those of fear and from your own fears.  Align with your source energy and step into your power. This will raise your vibration and help you create from an authentic, powerful place.   

The Light Bringer