It seems like the world is losing its collective mind.  We are dealing with a worldwide pandemic and now we see the racial divide coming to a head.  Demonstrators are attacking police and police are attacking demonstrators.  Some are working at keeping things peaceful but others are turning towards violence.  

Hate is not the answer. Violence is not the answer.  Fear is not the answer.  Victimization is not the answer.  This energy just makes all of the issues worse.  It doesn’t create communication or understanding.  The anger makes sense the violence doesn’t.  

With the pandemic, the earth is saying to take better care of the planet and life on the planet.  We need to create a cleaner place for all to live.  The theme is to take care of the planet and all life.  With the racial conflicts, we are seeing the need to treat all races, religions, sexual orientations and any other division we are seeing with respect, kindness and love.  Loving someone doesn’t mean we dismiss those willing to harm us but we need to learn to listen and hear the fear that is being expressed through the violence, hatred and disrespect.  Healing will take place when we can meet all of our brothers and sisters with love and compassion.  Learning to help each person cultivate their gifts will help give answers to the issues on the earth plane.  Allowing each being to shine will only help all beings.  There is plenty for all and there is no reason to subjugate or victimize anyone.  Look beyond appearances and see what is beyond the surface.  That is where the true gifts reside.

The Light Keeper