With all that is around you, there are pieces you can control.  You must decide who you are and will be.  How do you want to treat others?  What do you want to create?  Look for people and situations that bring out the best in you.  Stay away from people and situations that bring out the worst in you.  What raises your vibration?  What lowers your vibration?  What causes happiness within you?  What do you choose?  Notice you don’t control others or outcomes.  You are part of process.  You contribute your energy to everything you are part of.  When something is happening around you, you control your reactions.  Are your reactions in alignment with who and what you want to be?  Start paying attention.  Awareness is power and gives you a place to make shifts and changes within you.  We look at all things in terms of energy.  Find the energy that makes you feel good.  Seek to be aligned with your true self.

The Light