I was talking with a friend about how it seems that the energies who are helping us are different and the way we have to phrase what they are has changed.  She said that it was because of all of the dark energy we are putting out in the world (fear and anger).  She said it was blocking our ability to connect with the higher vibrational beings.  This morning, I tuned in and heard the higher vibrational beings say we haven’t gone anywhere.  It is just harder for them to be connected with by those in fear and anger.  If we want to connect with higher vibrational beings, we need to move into higher vibrational consciousness.  Fear and anger will not fix the issues of the planet.  We have been trying to fix things through outrage for centuries.  We then become part of the problem.  We need to focus on love and light and higher vibration to find higher vibrational solutions.  The different beings showing up to help us now are perfect for what we are going through.  They are not lesser than anyone or anything else you have worked with in the past.  They are at the right vibration to help us here and now.  We do need to move past the fear and anger to do our actual work.  For those in the USA, vote for the candidates that are most aligned with your beliefs.  For those in other countries, when you are facing elections vote for those who are aligned with your beliefs.  Then, go back to your actual work.

The Light