Many invoke the need for healing after a trauma.  They say people should move on.  You can’t create healing when the energy that created the issue is still being perpetuated.  You also can’t create healing while you are still being attacked.  For healing to work, there has to be a true desire to heal.  Asking for healing or  forgiveness, as you perpetuate the same behavior will never work.  All situations that create illness are from some form of energy stagnation.  Healing comes when the blocks are removed and a flow is allowed to take place.  You can’t heal something or someone, when they don’t really want to heal.  Go beyond words and look at the energy.  See where there is a blockage or stagnation.  Is the blockage ready to move?  If not don’t waste your energy.  If it is ready to move, you have a potential to make a shift.

The Light