Stop looking at what you think you are seeing and go to the energy at the root of whatever you are looking at.  Don’t get caught up in appearances.  The root energy shows you how the creation evolved.  When someone gets ill, you are looking at a manifestation of thoughts and focus that evolved into what is taking place.  Some things develop because the soul wanted the experience for themselves or for someone around them.  It might be a collective consciousness creation.  Many will leave your planet over the next 5 years.  The ways will vary but they are in alignment with the souls’ journeys.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t do what you can to help each other.  It is just an awareness to look at what is below the surface.  When you see things showing up in societies, look at the base energy.  The empaths among you will often get caught up in the drama/trauma.  This can just be a diversion.  Go back to your source energy and that will help you navigate or refocus.  Be who and what you truly are instead of what others want you to be and you will manifest and create what is in alignment for you.

The Light Giver