What if you stop trying to fix and change others and focus instead on who and what you want to be?  What do you want to create and bring into the world?  Try creating from your soul instead of your ego.  Stop allowing others to divert your focus.  If you want a more just world, be more just.  If you want a kinder world be kinder.  Stop trying to bring everyone into your life.  Not everyone belongs with you or around you.  Pay attention to who resonates with you.  Focus on the connection between you and those who belong in your life.  Your senses will help guide you.  Diverting your focus to things that lower your vibration will not help you or the situation you want to see change.  Bring your focus back to where it needs to be.  You will not be changing others.  You need to look at what you want to shift within you. That will also shift what is around you without manipulation.  

You are still participating in the earth plane but from a different perspective.  You are still voting and standing up for what you believe in but from a place of love instead of fear.  We still suggest you wear masks right now because of the contagious aspect of the Coronavirus 19.  That will help protect your physical bodies and the physical beings around you.  This needs to be thought of as a gift of love to those around you and not fear based.  The sooner you stop fighting this aspect of human life right now, the sooner you will be able to be out and about with each other.  

The Light Bringer