Today, we would like to speak about creation.  All creations are energy.  All that exists is energy.  Creations take place, when you place your focus on creating something.  Many of you become obsessed with creating and so you lock down the energy.  Nothing can form well, if you are obsessed with it.  You must give the energy space to form and manifest.  Trust in the abundance of the Universe.  Trust your creation to form perfectly.  You will know when to engage and when to step back, if you follow the energy.  You will understand your part of the creation by simply paying attention and placing love into whatever you are creating.  Most humans create through a sense of fear and a belief in lack.  It convolutes what you manifest.  Your planet is evolving.  The old ways of interplay with the earth will need to go away and new ways will enter in.  Learning to truly work with energy will help each of you in this process.  Learn to be in the flow.  Learn to allow the energy to flow and be what it is.  Just as you must remember what you truly are and be in that flow.  

The Light