Peace!  Ground everything in peace!  Let go of the stories and energies that lower your vibrations.   It is time to return to your divine nature.  It is time that you remember what you truly are.  Breathe and release that which ties you down and prevents you from soaring.  You see much around you designed to keep you in fear and to lower your vibration.  You must detach from that energy.  Let go of what you see around you.  Focus on where your energy needs to be focused and do that work.  The desire to keep up with “current events” is creating quite a lot of damage to your earth.  You each have built-in guidance to lead you in your lives.  If you block out the noise around you, you will be able to receive direct guidance and know what you need to do to keep yourself and your family safe and to make sure you are thriving in your time on the earth plane. You will not fix or change others.  That is their job.  You help your earth plane more by being what you are truly meant to be.  Those in alignment have nothing to worry about.  Those who are out of alignment may be out of alignment because that is where their lessons reside.  Don’t let appearances distract you.  Your job is to learn and grow through the lessons you need to experience.

The Light Giver