It is time for all light workers to expand their light.  If you are from some other field of energy, expand that.  If you don’t know what you are, you can ask your guides to help you understand what energy to expand within you.  This will help us with what is about to take place.  It will make it easier to place you where you need to go from here.  It will also help you with the work that you need to do now.  Don’t try and assign others work you think they should do.  Don’t assume all beings who have been placed to help in some capacity are here to do the work you are here to do.  Don’t try and change anyone or anything.  Do your own assignments and allow others to do their assignments.  Many humans and beings in human forms will be leaving the earth plane over the current year and next year.  The earth will look very different than it currently does.  There is no reason to go into fear over any of this.  Show up and be of service in the way you are being guided to serve.

The Light Giver