Look at each creation and what it is from a place of energy.  Feel the energy.  Experience the energy.  You are looking for what feels good.  But you can’t find what feels good, if you are blocking the sense of energy.  Tune into the energy of what is before you.  Does it flow or is there stagnation?  What is the flow like?  What is the stagnation like?  Don’t judge the energy.  Just be with it and experience it.  You can do this with anything.  It helps you understand your connection or lack of connection with what is before you. Your societies teach you to disregard the energy that is in everything.  You are supposed to just take what is before you and accept it as something that belongs with you and around you.  It is considered being nice.  You can still be nice and compassionate and say no to what isn’t for you or what doesn’t belong with you or around you.  

Your earth plane is changing.  There are many who will soon be leaving what you perceive as the earth plane of existence.  Learn to be with the energy and don’t hold onto it.  That will help you navigate with is about to take place.

The Light Kingdom