When you create something, if you don’t like it, you can recreate something else.  You are not stuck with only one energy.  Also, look at all things from a perspective of energy.  Allow the energy to have a life of its own.  Things are not black and white.  There are other alternatives.  You make choices.  You hold intentions and you decide where your attention is placed.  Learn to create without the need to manipulate and force the creation.  Allow the people, beings and energies who belong with you to join you but don’t assign who is supposed to come in and what they are supposed to do.  Create space for whoever or whatever belongs with you to join you.  Look at your thoughts as real creations.  You are all creators.  Use your talents wisely.  This goes along with who you choose to be.  Alignment will come, when you are focused on creating from a pure place.  Know you are always taken care of.  Know that you need to create repour with the energy.  Work together with your creation and you will know what need to take place.

The Light Keeper