Stop expecting others to create for you.  We will gladly help you remember how to create.  It is time that you each step into your power and create from within.  Start with your thoughts.  Pay attention to your focus.  It will help you understand what you are creating and manifesting.  Align with your soul, so you are creating authentically.  The world you see around you is a creation of the collective consciousness.  As more of you become conscious creators, you will notice your exterior world is able to shift.  All things are energy and there is more than enough for all of you to thrive.  Detach from the energy that doesn’t match vibrationally to what you are focusing on creating.  Start with your thoughts about the energy formation you desire.  It is not your job to assign where something comes from.  The energy will form just as it needs to in response to your thoughts and beliefs.  You must align your conscious and unconscious minds.

The Light