Those on the earth are having difficulties right now because you are trapped in beliefs of suffering and victimhood.  You are expecting governments and others to repair your world.  You follow leaders who are only working from their greed.  You are creators.  You must step back into your power and focus on who and what you are meant to be.  Bring your focus to creating consciously and not allowing others to dictate what you create and who you are.  You each have your own catalysts for your abilities to create.  You have been made to feel disconnected from your creation abilities.  You are told creating is hard work.  You have stories in your head that limit what you create and how you create.  It is time to remember who and what you are and then look at what your true self wishes to create.  The first step is to seek alignment with your soul and true self.  Then, step into your power.  Be who and what you are meant to be.  Next, bring your focus into what you are truly designed to create.  Tune into the energy of what you are creating and go from there.  You will know what steps you need to take but don’t make them convoluted.  Keep the focus simple and clear.

The Bringers of Light