Instead of expecting others to create for you, step into your power and create for yourself.  When you ask for other people to pray for you or for a specific outcome, you are using the energy of others instead of sourcing your own creation energy.  You are each a creator.  You need to source your own abilities and focus on what you want to manifest.  Don’t try and change other people.  Don’t try and manipulate outcomes.  We know this is contradictory to what you think of creating.  You need to learn to work with the creation force instead of manipulating and controlling the creation force.  Pull out of the collective consciousness.  Don’t allow the collective to control what you focus on and create.  Tune into what you truly want to create!  Then, manifest!  It will also help to focus on the energy you are trying to align with.  You will have a much easier time creating things you are aligned with.  In the creation process, you want to focus on energy and not a specific person, job or whatever.  The right energy will manifest and be created and drawn to you.  

The Light Bringer