Many seek to create through manipulation of energy.  The best creations are working with energy to manifest.  Start with a thought about what you want to create.  Allow the energy to form.  Be clear about what you would like to manifest but be open to it developing as it needs to.  You must learn to allow the energy to flow and create.  Where most people go wrong is they lay the groundwork for the creation but then go around saying why it won’t work.  They may believe that they need to suffer.  They may believe that things never work out for them.  They infuse doubt into the process, which only convolutes the energy and shuts down the creation.  If you learn to let go of the need to suffer and you can believe that what is yours to create will manifest, then you can manifest more clearly.  Start telling yourself that things manifest beautifully and easily and in the perfect timing.  Reprogram yourself to believe that you are loved and that those who work with you in the creation process are looking out for you.  You will have more fun creating and your creations can manifest more easily.

The Light Keeper