I started with the question about all of the anger and hatred we see in the world and especially in the US right now.  I was the posing the question of what we do with all of the anger and hatred.  It seems like the world is getting more violent but it is more about what we are seeing presented to us.  Most people are good people who are living their lives the best that they can.  We expand what we focus on.  

How do you stop hate and fear?  You don’t.  Hate and fear are choices.  Love and kindness are also choices.  Happiness is a choice.  Most of your reactions are choices.  You get to change your choices that are not working for you.  You can’t make choices for others.   Each must make their own choices.  You can teach love and kindness just as you can teach people to live in fear and anger.  Once you are an adult, you need to stop blaming others for your situations.  Children may be in environments where they are learning about the world and can be placed in vulnerable situations.  It may seem like adults can also be in vulnerable situations but they are creating from what they have learned.  You are all powerful creators.  Make conscious choices to help contribute to the world you want to help create!

The Light