You are each creators.  It is not for you to let the collective consciousness continue to create for you or for you to go along with their creations.  It is not for you to focus on creating the desires of others.  You are free to help others with their creations, if it is right for you to do so.  It is more important that you create your own lives.  Allow the energy to flow.  Allow the creation’s energy to flow.  Let go of your need to control or fix what you view as skewed or flawed.  You can’t control others.  Even if you try to suppress someone or something, the energy will be what it is.  You can control yourself.  You can control who you choose to spend time with.  You are not here to create the dreams of others.  They are more than capable of creating their own dreams.  You are here to create from what is within you.  You are here to shine and be your full, magnificent self.  Those who belong with you will find you, when you shine.  They can’t find you, if you are busy hiding your magnificence. Be who and what you truly are!  That will be perfect.  

You never need to worry about whether or not you are loved.  You might not feel it around you but there is always love being sent to you.  You are all worthy of love but many of you can’t feel it because you are busy deciding where the love should come from or being stuck in your fears.  What you look for, you will find.  If you truly wish to feel love, open to it and allow the love to come in.

The Light Keeper