The path of love is not through fear.  You can’t hate and expect love.  You can’t promote violence and find love.  We understand that those who choose fear, hate and violence are not thinking about love.  While you hold onto the old ways, you will not find the new ways.  Be open to what your path is.  Let go of what you think you know and follow the energy of your path.  You find your path by attuning to your authentic energy and by focusing on your authentic energy.  Pay attention to what you feel drawn to.  Stop getting caught up in what you think you are seeing.  Follow your intuitive guidance. Many leave the earth plane and are reassigned to new realities and ways.  Those who remain will be given new assignments.  Allow the energy to lead the way.  We recommend you choose the path of love but that is up to you.  Each must decide who and what they are going to be.

The Light