Be what you truly are.  It will help you attract authentically.  Strip away the conditioning and beliefs others have instilled in you and go back to basics of who and what you are and why you are here at this time.  Many of you are connected to certain energies and vibrations.  When those energies and vibrations are out of alignment, you will be out of alignment.  If the energy is toxic, you will feel the toxic effects in your bodies.   For example, if you are connected to water or land and it is poisoned, you will feel poisoned.  To shift this, do healing work on the water or land or whatever you are connected to and you should notice a difference in your own energy.  You may also be ingesting things that your body no longer wants or assimilates, check in with the food you are eating, the beverages you are drinking and products you are using.  See if that doesn’t help you feel better and healthier.

The Light