I am noticing a trend with friends who have had to put their dogs down or the dogs have died over the past few weeks.  Some of the dogs have had long dog lives and others have not.  So, I thought I would ask about that and see what comes through.

There are many animals leaving the earth plane.  We are preparing the way for the new shift that is about to be.  Our spirits are fine and we are not hurting in any way.  We are able to be much better support teams for you, once we are out of our bodies in this way.  Life in many ways is changing.  We have left you from a physical perspective to be with you on another level.  Our spirit forms are not as restrictive as our pet forms were.  Our love and support will continue from this vantage point.  You do not need to worry about whether or not we are doing well.  We know that you loved us very much and you did a great job taking care of us.  We will continue to love you from where we currently are, as you continue to carry us in your hearts.

Your friends and companions!