We are being inundated with a lot of anger and fear.  People are focused on hating different groups or blaming others for what is taking place in the world right now.  Looking at the world through a them and us lens doesn’t work.  We are all part of we.  The answers to all of the issues come when we work together to make things better.  So, I am asking those willing to start asking questions before they react like: am I being kind?  Is what I am doing helping to make something better?  Am I acting like the person I want to be?  We are not going to change anyone else but we can focus on making better choices and realigning to a better thought process.  A while ago, I was reading a book on Fred Rogers.  People made fun of him for being such a nice guy but he worked really hard to be nice and kind to everyone.  It wasn’t always easy but he felt it was important.  We need more kindness in the world right now.