We have been asked about how you find alignment with Source.  Start with energy.  You can just focus on alignment with Source.  You can also build your foundation from a place of love.  Love is a vibration that will help you connect with Source.  Let go of fear and anger, as much as you can.  Find your pure energy.  Your pure energy is within you.  It is your core.  Let go of the conditioning that others have imposed on you.  Know you are loved!  Commit to coming from love and light.  This is not a process where you focus on bringing others with you.  Those who belong with you will come and join you.  Once you shift your foundation back to your authentic energy, you will feel your life shift.  You will feel the alignment from a place of expansion.  When you are out of alignment, you will be able to figure it out faster.  You don’t need to understand Source.  You need to just focus on alignment with Source.  Breathe and relax in this process.  Allow your energy to align with Source.  Find your inner peace.  It all helps.

The Light