When you create, use your own power.  Stop trying to use the power of others to create for your.  We know this is very different from what most of you have been taught.  It is time that you cultivate your own power and creation forces.  You may ask for guidance and support in what you are going through but don’t expect other beings to fix your creations.  You are not victims.  You are powerful.  Your focus, thoughts, intention and attentions are very powerful.  If you start paying attention to your focus, thoughts, intentions and attentions, you will understand why things are manifesting in your life in a certain way.  You will also hold awareness to when others are trying to drain your energy to help them create something.  Release what isn’t yours to hold.  It will free up your energy.  Help those who seek true help in learning how to access their own power without doing the work for them.

The Light Bringer