My name is Ken Barkin.  I do various forms of psychic work, energy work and channeling.  I was asked to put together a website called urielslight.com. The purpose of this website is to help light workers, light beings, people who are learning light work and anyone who knows they are here for some other purpose than what humanity teaches them.  We will post various messages designed to be of help in development of your skills, you purpose and anything else that might come up. I have been posting messages under my old website: kenbarkin.com. The energy is changing and many of us are noticing that what we did in the past is no longer working now.  So, we need to let go of the past, open up our energy and welcome in the new energy.

In the past, I have done readings, taught classes, helped people create through energy shifts of their space and done energy healing.  My work seems to be shifting now to help people develop their authentic self and to help those who come to me create from their place of power.  The higher realms are happy to help us but they would like us to learn to create from our own power. Help is always there for us, whenever we need it.  So, we are planning on using this website to help bridge worlds and help those who need help to be their powerful selves. This website is also designed to let light beings know they are not alone.  The Universe is very clear that when we create, we must respect free will of others. You are better off creating for yourself and not trying to create for another person. All of this work is based on the need to respect all life and the paths that each being is on.  We don’t need to change others. We need to focus on creating what is in alignment with our soul’s journey.

I look forward to seeing what comes through for this website and to be of service to those who are feeling drawn to connect with me and this website.



So, for those who feel a connection with me and the energies around me, you are welcome to contact me at (727) 623-0617 or urielslight@yahoo.com to set up an appointment for a session.